More VST live freezing problems

When I try to save a preset e.g. mono delay VST Live freezes every time.
Also, there doesn’t seem to be any presets in the load preset menu!

Cannot reproduce either. What is your system?
New Project, Mixer, Halion Sonic SE channel, insert Mono Delay, set delay time, save preset “Test”, all fine; select “Load Preset”, “Test” is selectable. Does that work for you?

Hi Musicullum
Mac M1 (Monterey) and Dell XPS (Windows 11).
Problem happens when I have a new Stack open in order to play Bass through VST Live.
If I put an effect on FX 1 or 2 eg. Reverb or Delay and I go to “save preset” the program freezes every time.
Also, there doesn’t seem to be any presets there as there would be in Cubase Pro.
James B

Tried save preset “Test”. That works. Load preset “Test” also works.

Called up the other fx channel 2 . Selected reverb, tried the same and VST live froze again.

I see now…it’s not frozen, but the input dialog is hidden behind the plugin UI (you can see it in the taskbar). Will check and improve.

Hi again
Glad I wasn’t imagining it. Thanks for replying so quickly. Look forward to the fix, VST live has great potential.
James B

Hi @JamesBlen ,

Thank you! It has been fixed for the next update. Meanwhile …

Workaournd #1
… you can change the Plug-In Editor Type. Per Default it’s configured to “Always on Top”. Go the Preferences, Studio Tab and untick “Plug-In Editor Always On Top”

Workaround #2
… move the Plugin-Editor away from the center of your screen (!) before your press “Save”. Now you should see the Input dialog.

Workaround #3
If it feels like a freeze. Presse the “Escape” key to close the hidden input dialog

See you,

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Thanks Michael, that works. :+1:
James B

Just one more thing Michael, where are the stock presets that are in Cubase please?
James B

Hi @JamesBlen,

all Presets for the Plug-In Set will be added with the next update.

See you,

That’s great, thank you Michael.