More weird VST stuff in Cubase

FL Studio comes with a nifty, albeit arcane, sampler called DirectWave, which is also a VST.

So I’ve added it as a VST to Cubase but it’s behaving oddly and shifting pitches of the audio samples before they’re even added to the sampler! Here’s an example - it has 88 Grand Piano samples. DirectWave lets you Preview a sample before adding it to the sampler, as shown here. When running in FL Studio, middle “A” plays at 439 Hz according to my spectrum analyzer (close to the correct 440 Hz). But the same previewed sample when DirectWave as a VST runs in Cubase previews at 480 Hz!! How is this even possible?

…thanks in advance!

Hello at what sampling rate is the project set? at what sampling rate are the samples you want to import recorded? usually the samplers allow you to load inside samples to different samplerates and play correctly in the daw, but it doesn’t seem like your case

The samples are 44.1KHz. The sample rate for the project in Cubase is defaulting to 48 Khz - if I try to set it to 44.1 KHz it says “Unsupported Sample Rate”. Why is 44.1 Hz unsupported - that’s a very common sample rate. (I’m running Cubase 11 Pro.)?


Who says this? Audio Device? Cubase? The plug-in?

Cubase Project Setup… Record File Format generates the “ Unsupported Sample Rate ” error.

( … I tried to send a screenshot but for some reason the Steinberg server won’t let me upload any image files this morning it tries for a minute and then the server sends back a message saying “Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.” The screenshot was smaller in size than several of the other screenshots I’ve sent in the last few days and of the same format (JPEG) so I think the upload problem is on Steinberg’s end. )


If you can see this message in the Project Setup window (writer in orange), then this comes from the Audio Device. Your Audio Device driver doesn’t support 44.1kHz then.

Thank you for the suggestion. My audio device was set to 48 KHz, 24 bit, so I set it to 44.1 KHz, 24 bit and set so it matches Cubase Project Setup… Record File Format and it also matches the .WAV files, but I still get the orange error message. However it occurs to me that Cubase calls this the “RECORD file format”. We’re not recording anything; we’re playing back .WAV files, so does Cubase have another place where sample rate is set, as suggested by ItalyUser, above?


The Project Setup dialog is the only place. As the manual says:

Sample Rate
Allows you to specify the sample rate at which Cubase records and plays back audio.

that’s right, but you also need to set your sound card to the same sample rate that cube is set to. to do this you have to go to the control panel of your sound card and select it. if the sampling frequency on the card is different from that of Cubase, Cubese warns you with the message it showed you give it a try, set both cubese and sound card to 44 khz and try to make the sampler work