Most brutal "I'm not a bot" test ever

I just went to the Sequential Forum for the first time to search for some info. And in order to do the search I apparently need to prove I’m not a robot. Which is weird on its own merits A) why would they care if bot was looking for something B) Google lets you restrict searches to specific sites so I could just use that

BUT the actual test is truly wacky. Those letters might might be readable using SpectraLayers noise reduction - but probably not. And while I am nerdy enough to know the answers to the 3 (three, THREE!!!) questions, it seems presumptuous to assume it’s general knowledge. Maybe that guy who thought the Google chat-bot was sentient designed this form?


Reminds me of this…


I always wondered if you are a robot.

Excellent! This brought me back to the days when you asked a guitarist how they did that and they would turn their back and play, so that you don’t see what they’re doing.

Interesting concept of knowledge-wall. If you don’t know these 3 things (I don’t, not a keyboardist), you don’t have the right to search for information. “It’s for your own good laddie, you’re only going to confuse yourself. Go learn. We will be changing the questions often.”

Other possible questions:

  • How many ohms is the 23rd resistor counting from the upper left, in the direction y=-x inside your synth? (We know which one you have, do you?)
  • Objective reality. Elaborate.
  • How much energy in joules does the aforementioned resistor radiate as heat? Convert number from joules to get-up-from-bed/day.

Btw, @raino, you’d still fail the test. The second letter is a U? (Even fully zoomed in, I can’t really say.)

:rofl: That was great, thanks for posting! :rofl:


There are all the same 11020 members… Are they human?

The letters that I entered are really for a previous pic. Initially I hadn’t paid attention to the test fields assuming they were additional search options. But then I failed and finally noticed them. Then I got a new pic of the numbers which was as illegible as the first. At that point I gave up & decided mocking would be more useful.

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can neither confirm or deny

… see if you can click all the tiles with traffic lights.

Traffic lights?

Try this - click all the tiles with objects smarter than you

Was just closing a bunch of tabs and noticed the Google search that had led me to their forum. The results had plenty of links into forum threads. Had not realized that Google was now using humans and not bots to index the internet.

Hilarious, @raino !

I always get the traffic lights wrong because i can never remember if I’m supposed to click a time only if it has a light on it, or if the supporting pole counts as part of a traffic light.

I pray for the bicycle picture ID version.