Most decent saxophone sound?

Hi, folks.

I write mostly for wind band.

To those who use saxophones in their pieces, which HALion sound sample are you using and what HALion settings give you the most “natural” sound?
I have searched for “sax” and tried the results, but I’m not too happy with what HALion offers me. (And I’m not at all familier with all the nobs the HALion window shows me :open_mouth: )

Any help and insight would be very appreciated.

(I’d have the same question for Euphonium/Baritone: What sounds do you use here?)

The most decent saxophone sound is no sax.

This applies to life outside the computer as well.


I’ve used with reasonable success the Soulful Soprano, the Smooth Alto, the Bright Tenor (I think) and a Bari I can’t recall. If you strip them of their effects and roll off high-frequency content (directly in Halion is fine), they can be usable.

As for Euphonium, I’ve used just a Tuba (though not one that comes with Halion).

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