most important track ever

Hello Steinberg community,

don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’m truly megalomaniac. But this is the advertising section, isn’t it?
So despite of being scared by my own message subject, somehow I think I got the most precious song here ‘in my hand’. And it is made with Cubase plus Omnisphere (and a couple of other plugins for mastering an mixing as well).

When a song contains terms like ‘love’, ‘brother’, ‘sister’ and phrases like ‘we all need love’ it’s probably crap. But whatever you think about it, it comes from deep within me. And I think it brings life ‘to the point’. And because I really like it I’ll share it here:

Again it’s a coproduction with my friend Josh, mixed and mastered by DNS:

Maybe you like it too and what to vote for it on

But as every time: Your comments are highly appreciated!


very nice! congratulations! perfect vocals, perfect sound.
Imho: a saxophone and some female background vocals would add color.

Well put together, I don’t totally agree on the lyrical content, but I respect its from your heart. Cheers :sunglasses:

A really lovely song. Excellent vocals.

I think it all works very well – good arrangment and I like the positive sentiment. The Law of Love works for me as a positive message to sing about. I also like that you’re keeping the mind open. Love should always open the mind, I think.

The prosody of the lyric flows right along, I just went along with it and enjoyed hearing what the singer had to say. I dislike “lessons” songs when the singer is trying to “teach” me something that is often so obvious as to be not worth singing about. Love is always worth singing about. I didn’t catch a word or two toward the end of the song, but that’s only on first listening.

I wouldn’t mind hearing some more vocal harmonies at the end – maybe a choir background of some sort, or just a trio harmony… something Roaches’ish, maybe? More payoff at the end. . :slight_smile:

Great Mix and Mastering. Thanks for sharing this here and good luck this and with your future projects.

P.S. Just thought how charming this song would be with children singing it, with perhaps some slight lyrical changes. :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who took the time to listen and even put a comment here. You can “watch” a the song on youtube too.
It is really nice to get professional feedback on own pieces. We are always looking for more listeners (who does not…?), but a positive comment from a musician / producer / creator … etc. has special importance to me.
@Stephen57: Just a small question. Do you think that the lyric content is perceived as a teaching lesson? That was not intentional.
Regarding “more vocals”. You are right, something is missing at the last chorus. I can hear that now, too.

Thanks again!

:question: Very nice indeed. A lovely song and very well made. In the spirit of creative comment and encouragement only, and not in ANY way a criticism, is it possible that the vocal track (the very good vocal track) might be mixed a bit “forward” ? Just a comment/question (from a total amateur), NOT a criticism, I hasten to add !! P.S I understand that this could just be an effect of MY equipment and nothing else.

Hello deety,
thanks for your comment. Criticsism would be appreciated also. :wink:
Regarding mix: I personally have not too much experience and therefor trust a good friend of mine who is a professional sound engineer (see link in my initial post). But it is obviously always a matter of taste and equipment.
I just can add, that we checked the mix on a number of speaker systems (low end to high end) and are quite satisfied.


Hi Chris,

Great song! Well poduced and performed!
Did you use Autotune or something like that on the vocals? Maybe I’m mistaking, but I thought I heard some of the artifacts associated with it.

Anyway, great job! :sunglasses:


Hi Wim,

Yes, some vocal parts needed a bit of correction. I’m always feel ashamed somehow when we start editing my vocals in the studio, tweaking here and there a bit. It seems so “untrue”.
But my friend tells me everytime that’s is just normal, even in productions of classical music, to correct little things. I don’t have any other statement to compare his statement.
Anyway: I would stop singing if my vocal performance needed tons of plugins and tuning correction. So I can assure, it is only a bit. I had a good day when I recorded this!
See :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment!

Terrific rhythmic undercurrent. Very nice feel. As a humble opinion I would only say keep the message but find a way to say it with fewer words giving the words more opportunity to hang on the Rhythm. Try to let the vocal float. I think it’s super that you got it out to share. Now it’s stuck in my head. :laughing:

Hi RickerHart,

thanks for your positive comment!
You got a good point by saying “use fewer words”. Well, you are not the first to say I tend to have too much words in the lyrics. On the other hand: I want to say so many things and make the as clear as possible… :unamused: :wink:
It is always a compromise.

Many thanks for listening!

On third and fourth listen it grows on me, however; notice your first 3 lines. You reference We once in the first line and the next two imply We. That is smooth. It floats with the rhythm and doesn’t contradict the meter. The next few reference We repeatedly for each line which denies the opportunity for implication and alters the established meter and phrasing. The second half of the song is near perfect in that regard. My suggestion is to apply the phasing you use in the first three lines more liberally in the first half of the song. This is still stuck in my head. lol It is really quite beautiful.

Hey, you listen to the song more than once! :slight_smile: That means something to me!

Thank you very much for your fine-grained comments on the lyrics. I appreciate that.
I can see now what you’ve meant with “use fewer words”. You have a good point.
I spend a lot of time on the words of my songs, but I’ve never looked on them in such terms. English is not my first language, so I guess I’m not capable enough to get into such fine details. Most of the time I’m looking for right words and rhymes, trying to find - at least for me - interesting ways to say what I want to say. But I learn all the time to get further.

Anyway: I’m glad you you like that track. Nevertheless most important to me: #ShareTheLawOfLove to whoever comes along! … and I’m not talking about the song… :slight_smile: … certainly I’m happy if you share that, too…


Phrasing and meter in poetry is an art in itself. Add musical composition and the ability to navigate Cubase and you’ve got a pretty big package. Nice job and thanks for sharing!