Most views are empty squares

Hello !

This is a noob question: I have used the VSTGUI editor which is really neat and convenient. I found that the basic knob and parameter display work by default, which was great. However, when I try to load most other default elements available from the list, such as for example a VUmeter, all I get is a small empty square that does nothing, it’s not even a vertical looking thing with LEDs.

Is this normal and am I expected to do something for the VUmeter to do anything, or is there a bug with my VST host, or with my setup ?

Thank you very much for helping clarify what I should do !

Most views need bitmaps. The doxygen documentation should give you a hint what kind of bitmap is needed. For example the COnOffButton needs a 2 state bitmap where the upper part is the off button representation and the lower part represents the on button representation.

Hi !
Thank you !
I’m not very good at reading C++ documentation, although I understand basic OOP concepts, most of the times I feel a bit clueless when reading this type of documentation, I supposed more experienced developers read these and it makes sense to them immediately. For me it’s a lot of guess work what is implied I should do !
I’ll persevere. Thanks for letting me know about having to add bitmaps, I’ll try to do that and see if I can figure it out.

Hello again !

So I followed your advice and also stole the VUmeter related bitmaps from the AGain example, my trusted reference. I copied in my project folders and imported them in my VisualStudio solution. Then using the VST UI editor in my DAW I assigned the VUoff bitmap to the “off-bitmap” field and the VUon bitmap to the “bitmap” field, and it worked magically.

I was a bit surprised that the “off-bitmap” and “bitmap” field were so far apart in the editor, it felt like they were unrelated. I hope I didn’t do something incorrectly, but the result I have is the desired one. There is a “disabled-bitmap”, not sure what it is for, but I left it empty and it seems to not be a problem.

I’m surprised two bitmaps is enough for the VU animation to work, but it’s great. I guess internally the two bitmaps are overlayed on top of one another and spliced together.

Anyway, now I have a VUmeter with the RMS level displayed in dB in a parameter display, and above it I have a dancing VU Meter. This is great !

Thank you very much !