Motherboard crashed after installation

My friend got me cubase artist 7 education version from the USA. I had a dell xps studio back then, it was pretty beaten up and in a rough condition, it had some issues with its inbuilt graphic card on the motherboard which i didn’t know then. I have had its display go out and then i would have it fixed, i didn’t realise it had serious underlying issues. A few days after installation my system crashed completely, i thought its the same display issue but it wasn’t, this time the graphic card and motherboard had gone dead. I didn’t have the money to upgrade to a new laptop then, and wais already saving up for a macbook. So, now i got my new macbook pro and tried to install but its saying that the serial number is already used. :cry:

Please tell me there is a way out I can’t afford to buy another one :unamused:


If you are using Cubase Artist 7 (not Elements, LE, or AI), the license is stored on the USB-eLicenser. So all you need is to plug in the USB-eLicenser. Don’t activate it again.

Btw: Sharing the EDU license is against the EULA. The EDU license is bounded to the owner, who bought it. To be able to sell, or provide the license to another person, he has to upgrade to the newer Cubase version. Then it becomes non-EDU version.