motif and cubase trouble help!!!

wuz up i recently ran into a lil problem when recording my motif into cubase. i noticed that once i put my midi track to record my midi note i get a weird distortion on my sound. if i take the track off record it doesnt do the distortion and it sound like it should. the problem is that when i recording and editing my midi note i get a messed up sound. this just started happing after 3 years ?here it is for any body with this echo ish problem using cubase. echo OFF (called MIDI THRU ACTIVE) to OFF
Go to FILE > PREFERENCES > MIDI > Set MIDI THRU ACTIVE = OFF. <—this still didint work. i noticed im gettin unwanted after touch helppppp. thanks

How many posts are you going to make for this one issue?

Have you tried turning off local control on the Motif?