Motif, MR816, Cubase, midi but no sound...

Hi all,

I’m new to the MR816, so I’m hoping that my problem will be embarrassingly easy to solve. I’ve hooked up my Motif MO6 synthesizer to the MR816 via audio inputs 3/4, Motif midi via USB, trying to get a sound in Cubase to no avail.

To clarify - I can record as an audio track, no problem, but when I set up a midi track, I get midi input and output lighting up, but no sounds from the synth. I can also get the MOtif to trigger VST instruments via midi, so no problem there either.

So, i’m guessing I’m screwing up the audio routing for MR816 in Cubase, but can’t seem to crack it, any suggestions?

Motif vst instrument track, not midi track, sorted.

Ever get this figured out?


the MR816 CSX is unable to monitor input signals without cubase having an audio-track armed for the corresponding input channels.

To monitor my synts I’d have to create audio-tracks in Cubase for them! I can’t work in this way because solo and mute functions are a no-go in such a setup. I do not really understand Yamaha’s approach. The designers have ignored the most essential feature of an audio device. Namely to playback input signals. One could overcome this problem by creating external instruments in the VST-Connection manager. But since instruments are exclusive you’ll have only one usable Instrument per external Synthesizer?!

I have to use a second mixer now (haven’t thrown my 01x away yet) to listen to the instruments and being able to solo and mute them! I thought the MR816 would be enough to do the job. You still need other audio devices for your studio equipment.

I actually make audio tracks just for monitoring that are armed I call them ie Kik Drum Mon etc Ive found no solo or Mute issues whn=en using this system.

What about outside Cubase?. Lets say I plugged a mic into an input and wanted to route it so it was the input device for Skype, is this possible?. How is the mixer side of things handled outside Cubase and other ASIO programs?