Motif Rack XS Editor v1.6.5 is compatible with C8.0.10

Happy to report that the editor is now functioning as a VST3 plug-in in C8.0.10.

Quick setups based on templates:
As plug-in

  • “Yamaha MOTIF-RACK XS with VST editor template”. The Render in Place rendered each track one at time until all done. Great!

Not as plug-in

  • “Yamaha MOTIF_RACK XS multi channel recording”. After recording individual MIDI tracks one at a time, all were recorded to audio in one pass.

It works!!!

Can you use the editor even if you do not have the firewire connection?

Yes you can using USB. Just restore factory settings on your Motif after backing everything up if you can’t get communication between your Motif and the editor after installing the appropriate software for the USB Midi driver, Motif Extension and Motif Editor. You will have to run audio from the Motif to your interface though and I don’t think you will be able to use render in place.

It works!!

And C8 is a great upgrade for my set-up. ASIO spikes are many fewer and I can get a really low latency on my existing hardware - better than C7.5.

Thanks Steinberg.