motorized midi cc controller

This is probably one of numerous threads on this topic but I havebt been able to find a good answer. How does one automate a motorized fader to respond to MIDI cc controller data inside a midi part? There are people doing this with automation lanes and quick controls, but is it possible while using the midi part? Which surfaces support this? I know the avid/Euphonix surfaces require the quick controls work around. How about the beringer BCF?

No one?

Doesn’t just sending your MIDI track (using track’s MIDI out or MIDI send) to the controller work?

If it does, great, I’m just curious which products are on the market that can do this. BCF is motorized but its not “touch sensitive”, meaning that it will motorize but you can’t rewrite automation while its moving. I hope there is a controller that does this or someone will invent such a controller. We can do this for audio track automation, so it seems like we should be able to do it for MIDI too.

All contollers I’m familiar with are basically just MIDI devices. And if the controller responds to MIDI data, it does so regardless of how this data is sent to it. It has no way to know, if it’s sent from Cubase’s MIDI part, automation lane or some other way.

I did a search and the only touch sensitive ones i found are:

Avid Artist Mix
Icon QCon

Presonus faderport is touch sensitive but its programmed in such a way that it wont control anything other than audio track volume.

Could you please tell exactly what do you want your controller to do? In your original post you were worried if it can respond to CC messages from MIDI part. Now you are talking about touch sensitivity … I’m totally confused.

I have a presonus faderport and i can write automation with it to an automation track. It will motorize to the automation you wrote. It is also touch sensitive meaning that while the device is “reading” and moving based on the automation you can touch it and continue writing automation, thereby re-writing new automation.

I want a MIDI controller capable doing this with CC11 data.

OK. If I understood your problem, you want to overwrite CC messages on a MIDI part just like you would overwrite automation events with your controller. If this is the case, I’m afraid it’s impossible, because MIDI part recording just records MIDI messages while automation handling has some intelligence built into it.

I see. Noiseboyuk found a workaround using avid mc mix and autonation lanes instead of the midi part itself. Im just hoping someday it will be possible with a midi part