motu 828 mk2 firewire and windows7 no sound

my Motu 828mk2 firewire doesn’t work with windows7. The installation with Motu Audio Installer Win 110314 was successful, but there’s no sound. All changes i want to make in the cue mix console are turning back . For example I 'm trying to change the output “none” to “main out 1-2” . After 1 second it returns to “none”. I think that i have no access .And i can’t make any changes in the DSP-CueMix . Computer : i7 2600k processor, Gigabyte Motherboard GA PH67A-UD3-B3 and a dawicontrol firewire card with texas instrument chip(I Have changed the driver from 1394 to 1394 legacy).
anyone who can help ?

I have had the same issue with the controls snapping back when trying to adjust them on Windows 7. I un-installed and re installed the drivers and updated the firmware, and now it is working fine.

I have had problems with Motu drivers on PC ever since Windows XP service pack3. I always had issues with Vista and Windows 7 seems to be working.
When the 828 is connected to my MAC, never, never had an issue, rock solid.
The MOTU drivers for PC are dodgy and in my experience and are not as solid as the MAC drivers.

Hello Johngar,

since yesterday the motu works . The problem was the firewire pci express card . I have tried an older Firewirecard, only PCI . now it works .

greetings and thanks for your answer,