Motu 828MK3 doesn't support daisy chain

Hello every one.
I’m Cheif sound engineer of Red House Studio in South of korea.

I just want to inform one lie of Motu.

Motu 828mk3 is not working in daisy chain system. May be you can hook up external HDD or other. But simply you can’t use 2 of it for extend your in/out puts.
I’ve spend almost 3 month to solve that problem. When I hooked up 2 mk3s, some times computer couldn’t recognize it or couldn’t open cue mix.

Funny thing was Moto didn’t know about this problem even they advertise mk3 can use daisy chain system.
This problem happened only PC not mac system. Mac system can support daisy chain.

Anyway I hope there is no more victim cause of this problem. If you use PC system, don’t try it.

I’ve tried every thing, changed whole PC, purchased 2 different maker’s Firewire800 cards (TI chipset) and spent 3 month!!!
I contacted Motu techlink but they are sucks.
I could figure it out by helping of sweetwater. They are really good and kind.

Now I’m using 24 I/O for that.

that is very interesting as I was going to buy another ultralite mk3 for this reason , I think i’ll ring musictrack and find out but that is very concerning really.

thanks for the info

Interesting find. I’ve been hearing for quite a while that their customer support is worthless. Such a shame too, both of MOTU’s Hybrid interfaces look really classy and seem to have a substantial amount of functionality.

Anyone using MOTU products on a PC is a masochist. Actually even mac users, as of lately (DP8 is a joke, not matter what platform you use it on.) MOTU is crap and their customer service is the worst ever.

ive never had a problem with motu every driver ive used on PC from 98 to win 7 has been rock solid and ive never had a problem with motu’s support here in the uk , Musictrack are brilliant at sorting things out so I don’t know what crap your dribbling on about but it certainly doesn’t effect us in the uk

right daisy chaining is supported on windows via firewire only NOT usb , here is my little tech support note

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Hi John,

On Windows, multiple devices are supported via FireWire only, not via USB.


MOTU Tech Support

Hello all!

Just to clear this up, it is indeed possible to daisy-chain multiple MOTU FireWire interfaces in Windows. If anyone has any issues with this I encourage you to run it by our support team (see my signature for contact details.)


thank you motu I personally know it’s possible with win 7 64bit firewire