Motu M4 connected to Cubase 12 Pro

Today I got to unbox the Motu M4, audio interface, and I had to figure out how to hook it up to Cubase 12 professional which took some time.  This audio interface is quite different from the Yamaha AG06.  In order to get the MOTU M4 to the work with My workflow in Cubase 12 professional, I had to create three presets and save for future projects in the studio - audio screen.  Other photos can be viewed on my Facebook group page for “old school arrangers”

My workflow consists of the Neumann, TLM 103 microphone, and the Yamaha Genos arranger.

When creating midi tracks from Genos I always record the midi an audio for that track together in Cubase 12. This requires an Audio preset.

 When I want to create a track for, let’s say “bells” as an audio track, that requires another preset

 Finally, when I want to record the Neumann, TLM 103 microphone it must be set up as a mono track in cubase 12. The output can be set to stereo, but it is still a mono displayed track.

So far, I am very pleased with the quality of music from the digital to analog converters in the Motu M4
 as far as the Neumann, TLM 103 Microphone goes. It is a very good match in bringing out the quality of the vocals.  I find that the vocal midrange frequencies are really cleaned up using the Motu M4.

Alan Russell Rosenberg
Professional arranger since 1968