Motu UltraLite-mk4

Hey everyone.

Long time Cubase user here but stopped hanging out in the forum.

Is anyone using this Audio interface with Windows 10. I need to replace my profire 2626 as it has no support for win10
and I cant adjust for latency.

Any info greatly appreciated.

I’m thinking of an A8.

Supposedly Motu have been working to optimise their drivers and are using a new DSP chip and converters in their latest range.

That unit may support AVB networking so higher i/o with additional units.

48 channel mixer with full DSP at 48Hkz.

Thank You for that info audioguy.

64 mono returns from the computer, whereas 128 on the A8 but always into 48 channels maximum.

The configuration is via a web browser, so no midi control only snapshots.


i have the ultra light AVB, i believe the MK4 came out after however they both use the motu Web based mixer application that must open and run in your windows 10 browser in order for the hardware to stay connected to your DAW…I had severe issues with connectivity of this web based application mixer for many months and motu tech support was stumped. I think the aggressive windows 10 updates affected the stability of the mixer app.

i would boot up and once cubase opened the web app would loose connection and i lost sound or had terrible static.

it would take a few system restarts to shake this, or sometimes i had no issues for a few days then it would come back.

then about a month ago the issue has disappeared, again i suspect it’s windows updates that are the culprit.

i would buy from guitar center if you can and try it for 30 days.

the sound is very high quality and comparable to more expensive high end audio cards.

Do you or did you find this happening at particular sample rates?

Audio guy I work at 48khz , I don’t think 44.1 would make a difference though with his mixer application connectivity. It almost feels like a browser issue…the older motu interface mixer was flawless it didn’t run in a browser.

I’m having issues with an interface at 96Khz, it’s an old Roland Sonic Cell but the drivers were made for 8.1 (unsigned).

I’ve turned of driver integrity checking, turned on test mode and boot in legacy mode but I’m concerned some of these manufacturers haven’t actually writtern drivers for Windows 10.

For example, I was about to purchase an SPL Crimson, but saw on the website that the driver supports Win XP up to Windows 10, to me that is a very bad sign.

I’ve heard people over the years having issues with interfaces at 96Khz, this seems to be the problem I’m having now.

I’ve got a fresh install of Windows 10 Home so I’m going to test that out and see if it’s the updates thing (or the order of updates being applied).