motu update all soundcards to usb3

now as the title says , motu have released new firmware that gives their sound modules capability of running as usb3 mode , is there any advantage for me swapping from firewire to usb 3 as my motherboard is usb 3 ?

If your motherboard did not have FW, then switching to USB would be an advantage…

Thats all ive been using thingcap (firewire) , im just wondering if swapping from firewire to usb 3 would lower latency ?
Im a complete knob when it comes to which is better firewire or usb subjects

sorry thinkingcap ,the motherboard is a gigabyte for the reason of TI chipset and firewire was then main reason for this motherboard


USB 3 by itself does not lower the latency. Might be the drivers are betterv than the Firewire ones. From personal opinion, my UFX feels more stable to with firewire connection than with USB connection.
As long as you´ve got everything running reliably, I personally wouldn´t change anything.

ok nice one thinkingcap ,just thought id ask the question ,ive always preferred firewire over usb …


I also agree, but native firewire support seems to be disappearing from newer motherboards in favor of USB 3! So, it’s great to have choices!


it certainly is and im surprised motu have updated the firmware for usb 3 support ,not that im complaining of course :wink: