Mountain Lion Support


Nice to see the knowledge base announce Mountain Lion Support for Mid-September! Thanks SB /Yamaha even though the 816 is older now, it’s so important to keep up driver updates to build a reputation as a trusted hardware manufacturer!


Has anyone with a Steinberg MR816 upgraded to Mountain Lion and successfully installed the drivers?

Whoa! Would this explain why I don’t see the “Hardware” view in my mixer anymore, and my Channel Strip and REV-X effects say “NOT AVAILABLE”?

I just upgraded to ML a few weeks ago, I thought Steinberg stuff was OK for ML… :blush:

Any updated info on the Mountain Lion support? Still waiting to upgrade my Mac :slight_smile:

The good news is: MR816 works for playback, etc. Just not switching sample rates and the effects, etc.

Oh, and I’m getting random dropouts. Something I haven’t experienced since PC days…

steinberg probably got problem making the drivers. on the steinberg site the posted END SEPTEMBER.
now it,s just waiting for the drivers to come out. hope for a fast release.

It says the driver will be released in mid October here.

I hope they don’t mean 2013!

Getting very impatient!

First it was end september now its mid october come on steinberg

What i don.t get is coming out so late whit à driver for the mr816.
When à lot of steinberg user have this mr816. The probebly whil tell not to upgrade to mountain lion yeh richt.

This is shockingly slow.

ALERT: Drivers seem to be updated on the Steinberg site - v1.7.3!

EDIT: Looks like they officially announced it in the forum.

Weird. I got an email today proudly announcing driver updates for the CMC controller series and Cubase/Nuendo maintenance updates - nothing about MR updates.Then I go to the MR Download area, and sure enough, there are 1.7.3 drivers, dating from Oct 8th! :question:

However, after rebooting, my “About” tab in System Preferences still says “1.7.1”, and my MR816 FX still say “NOT AVAILABLE” when I try to insert them. Am I missing something?

Thanks for the warning … doesn’t sound promising.

I’ll have to make sure I have the old version standing by before I upgrade!

SB will have to make this work though … the latest Sweetwater catalog (US) has a whole page of ads for the 816 FW interfaces …no big price drops… so they are definitely a current product. Ergo, drivers that work must be coming! I hope…


Just installed the new driver. Will check it out in a few hours and get back to you.