Mountain Lion vs Mavericks

Hi there,

Is any of them working better than the other? I’m considering to reinstall everything and I’d like to know your opinion about where to start.



The main thing you would want to check on 10.8 vs. 10.9 is your audio interface (but also check your MIDI interface and 3rd party plugin) support for 10.9. The biggest change from a DAW perspective in 10.9 was the new Core2ASIO audio processing.

Cubase 7.5 and Nuendo 6 are supported for both 10.8 and 10.9, and we do not have a preference on which you use currently (although 10.8 is discontinued so I do not know how much future development time it will receive on future versions).

Hi Chris,

Thanks for answering. Is there any performance change improvement in 10.9?

And what about support for 10.10 which is already in Developer Preview?

From a Cubase/Nuendo standpoint, I am not aware of a change in performance between 10.8/10.9. That said, typically an update in an operating system requires more power to run it.

We are not supporting 10.10 yet in any of our products. Historically we have not officially supported beta versions of operating systems. We generally wait until the retail version is released then we have often released updates for the current versions of the software to become compatible with the new Operating System. Sometimes this has required a new version of the software, depending on what the changes in the new OS were. I hope this information is helpful.

Thanks Chris for your answer.

Change from 10.8 to 10.9 was trouble free here with RME hardware. No noticeable performance change either way.


As a DAW user this is what always concerns me with upgrades/dates
so I was reading/watching all I could just before 10.9 shipped.

In the upcoming OSX.10.10. I have yet to read/see any info regarding changes to Core audio/MIDI.
Of course things may always change but so far so good.

What I HAVE noticed over these years tho’ is usually every new OS
(and most new apps/plugs) wants a lil more ‘cpu juice’ to do new things.

We have yet to deal with 10.9.4 and any surprises it may bring.

Good Luck!

afaik 10.10 will not bring much change on the audio side other than midi via bluetooth. of course there’s more than audio to an update…
i personally think apple is moving a little bit too fast with major updates.

But is that not the nature of computers?

Things (update/grades included) just get faster and faster.

I say bring it on!
If a user cannot run with the ‘big dogs’, it is still kool to stay on the porch and watch.

Its amazing how much things stay the same over the years. When i first loaded up all of my audio apps/drivers on to my new imac running Mavericks this years i got some random instability. Nothing serious, crashes on quits, and when changing audio buffer size on a full project. The most alarming thing was at first the OS wiped some Nuendo prefs.

Anyway, after a few weeks, things settled down on their own just like in the old days when doing an OS upgrade. The pref wiping just stopped. The crashing when changing buffers is pretty rare. I also dont have to change buffers now that i got direct monitoring with Totalmix sussed. And if O close projects before quitting it generally works fine.

Otherwise being on mac/mavericks has been a big step up from W7. I can run Logic in the background at low latency with Nuendo in the foreground at full latency and play Logic instruments in Nuendo. The responsiveness of my Mackie MCU is so much better its like a whole new machine.

Old UAD2 cards run perfectly in a Sonnet Thunderbolt chassis - no issues. Audio drive on thunderbolt has been rock solid and FF800 on a FW800>thunderbolt adapter has been trouble-free. The change actually fixed an issue where I had to reboot the FF after booting the CPU on W7.

My only nagging issue is running Jbridge in order to run VB3. Its unstable but workable. If Guido would just release VB3-II i’d have the most stable system I’ve ever had.

Hi Pier,

Do you have bad experiences with jBridge in Mavericks?

Yes. Very unstable. Although you know how it goes…im using a version of Nuendo that’s not approved for Mavericks. But, at this point jbridge is my only significant issue.

The GUI on VB3 barely functions. Jbridge will hang on quitting requiring force quit