Mountain Lion


I have read the knowledge base article about installing Steinberg products with Mountain Lion.
However I am unclear about whether this relates to just new installations or also to existing software on the system?
ie I currently have LION and have Cubase 6.0.7 installed plus Halion, Halion SE, Halion Symphonic Library, The Grand 3 and Real Guitar.

If I upgrade to Mountain Lion will these continue to function or need re-installing?

I’m confused!


It affects new installations only. Your existing stuff will work fine. My Cubase 6.5.1 and all my plug-ins work fine on upgrade to Mountain Lion.


Marcus, I’ve just noticed that you have Halion Symphonic Library. As a separate product I think you’ll lose this on upgrade to Lion or Mountain Lion. You can still access the sounds though as a sound set using Halion SE. There’s a Knowledge Base article about this, which took me a while to understand (I have HSO as well) but the workaround does work. I suggest you find that article and read it before you upgrade.


Thanks, Micky.
My Halion Symphonic Library VST sounds I already access via Halion Sonic or Halion Sonic SE (I have both) so that should be OK should it not?
Still nervous about upgrading though! I’m using Time Machine so is it easy to roll back?
Thanks, Marcus.

Hi Marcus, I don’t use Time Machine, too much of a CPU hit with Cubase (or so they say).

If it helps your nerves I’ve been running with Cubase on Mountain Lion since the day after it came out last week and haven’t noticed anything different at all, everything works as it should. In fact, you almost need a reason other than Cubase to upgrade to it. I just wanted to make sure my OS stayed up-to-date to prolong the life of my MacPro.



Doesn’t use any CPU when idle.

Time Machine is indeed a big CPU hit when running over Wifi (not the actual backup but the disk image mounting for some reason) but is fine when running on a wired connection.

oh I should add that Time Machine isn’t really made for this type of roll back, you want to use SuperDuper.

Or Carbon Copy Cloner.