Mouse and scroll wheel on plugins

Good morning all;

I seem to remember asking about this before, but here I go again.
Since Wavelab 6, virtually none of the plugins ( TC, UAD, SONNOX ) can be adjusted using the scroll wheel on my mouse.
I have the latest build of Wavelab 7,current drivers from Microsoft and it does not work.
When I use Nuendo 5.5 this feature works flawlessly on all manufacturers plugins.

With WaveLab 7.2.1?

Good morning Philippe;
Thank you for the prompt response.
Yes, I am running 7.2.1 W7 32 bit with all updates applied.

I think it works for all VST-3 plugins. For older VST-2 plugins, I don’t know. I mean, if a plugin does not support it directly, WaveLab does not do it for it.

Hello again;

Yes. The situation is that all Steinberg plugins function as they should.
None of the UAD or TC Powercore plugins will function in the circular mode.
Both TC and UAD function properly inside Nuendo.

Is there a way to turn off scroll wheel for plugins?
Much like the track fader, I find when working quickly that it’s too easy to accidentally change a parameter on a plugin via the scroll wheel. It would be nice to be able to turn that off.

For certain rare plugins, yes this would be possible, because WaveLab redirect these wheel events.
For most plugin, this is a plugin setting independent from WaveLab.
Since there are different cases, that would be confusing to have an option.