Mouse behaviour messed up after upgrade to Cubase 11.0.20

After Updating to Cubase Pro 11.0.20 several mouse related issues appeared.
I cannot slide the faders anymore in the Mixer (while pressing down the left mouse button)
mouse-clicking on another fader level still moves the fader.
In editor Tool selection with right mouse click is not working anymore. (while tool selection in the menu of the editor window is still working.
Please advise me…!

System: Windows 10 with Cubase 11.0.20

Few thoughts, in disorder…

  • Is your mouse a wireless one ? I’m thinking about the powering of it, if the case…
  • Do you have a driver installed for it (IOW, is it a kind of sophisticated/non standard pointing device) ?
  • Any other issue related to it in other applications ?

Beside this, I don’t know, unless the Preferences have been seriously messed up (thinking of it, what do you have in your Preferences>Editing>Tool modifiers pane ?).

Issues disappeared after i had set the refresh rate of my monitors both on 60 kHZ
1 was on 59