Mouse causing ASIO performance spikes

Hi there,

just wondered if anyone could help me with this please?

I’ve just had a major upgrade with my pc & this one little problem is really annoying. :angry:

In the project window when a project is playing if I click the mouse anywhere in that window or move it back & forth in any direction this causes the peak performance meter to spike up with each click or movement up & down etc. I have an Nvidia gtx 260 at the moment & i can’t find anything in the control panel to adjust for the mouse. I’ve tried inverting the mouse pointer but that hasn’t worked, I’ve changed to a usb2 port of its own instead of the hub it was in & that has done nothing. I’ve tried older drivers for the Graphics that are still Windows 7 compatible with no success!

It also spikes when I click on certain plugins or click sometimes on the virtual keyboard in the midi editor :cry:

I am thinking of getting a new graphics card & a new mouse (My logitech MX510 is quite old now)

Anyone had this problem or know how to fix it please? Would really appreciate some help :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Codsworth

Cubase 8 Pro
Windows 7 64bit
Asus z97 pro wifi
Intel i7 4790K
Corsair 2x8 gb Vengeance pro 2400mhz
Echo Layla 3G with PCI to PCIE x1 converter card

Nvidia display adapter? If you are using the Nvidia Control Panel, there are options that hijack the mouse. Or are you using the onboard adapter? Is there a video display control panel involved? Try an AMD Radeon adapter, load the AMD Control Panel and DRIVERS, and then uninstall the Control Panel. Keep only the drivers and do this every 6 months or so - unfortunately.

In your list of DAW items, your have skipped your display adapter. It is important to list this, BTW.

Cheers mr.roos,
I have a asus nvidia geforce gtx260 & a logitech mx510 mouse at the moment. Im using the nvidia panel & drivers but the windows mouse drivers (there are no logitech drivers for windows7 let alone 64bit, old mouse)
I have just ordered a asus gtx 750 ti & a logitech 300s mouse.
Ive never had problems with these two things in my past windows Cubase 7.5 set up.
Its especially bad when i have perticular plugs loaded & i’ve selected there midi channel in the project Window ie Rob Papen SubBoombass, Kontakt 5. Then each click is really pronounced. Even changing presets in Sbb sends a huge spike with every click! Really weid behaviour.
I am running 2 monitors off the gtx260 & 1 off the onboard intel 4600 but i have tried disabling & uninstalling the drivers for both but it still does it!
Kind regards, Codsworth


Do AMD Radeon graphics have less problems?

Codsworth, did you sort this? Your last question, ‘do AMD graphics have less problems?’, requires a YES! answer from me. As I said earlier, Nvidea has a Control Panel that cannot be removed whereas the Radeon Control Panel can be removed.

I think the Nvidea Control Panel causes the problem you describe by somehow routing/monitoring mouse movements through it AHEAD of Windows. This is my conclusion anyway. Switching to AMD solved all of my problems and I haven’t looked back. And, as I said earlier, I do think you will need to remove the AMD Catalyst Control Center. With just the AMD drivers installed - and Windows controlling them - I am experiencing no problems.

hmmm i see Rob Papen mentioned here with the exact same problems I have. By any chance is the Rob Papen stuff cracked or demo? I have a post with same issue and will tonight be removing all Rob Papen stuff to see if this fixes my issue.


Same problem here, but graphic card is in motherboard (Intel HD Graphics 4600 in Asus Z97), seems to be related to EastWest’s Play vst. No solution actually found…