Mouse disappears when turning knobs on VSTs

Since upgrading to 10.5 I’ve found it to be very glitchy and so have resorted to using version 10

One big issue that slows me down is that the mouse disappears when I’m adjusting a knob on a VST and then appears somewhere else on the screen when i let go of the mouse click

Also, sometimes when i click on something on the sequencer it doesn’t select it first time… ive got to click it again a few times

10.5 just doesn’t feel right compared to version 10…

Im using version 10 ever since I’ve upgraded to 10.5 with the hope that there with be a fix soon
Cant wait to use the features of 10.5 on my projects

Will there be another fix soon?


Are you on Mac or Windows?

Make sure your graphics card driver is up to date, please. I would also recommend to try to trash Cubase 10.5 preferences.

Thanks for the reply.

Im on Mac Mojave 10.14.3

Ill see if i can figure out how to trash 10.5 preferences



First try Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?