Mouse Dissapears When Using Notepad

hi there , the Mouse Dissapears When Using Notepad in 8.5.20,i have to press the start button on the keyboard to get it back which is a pain in the butt.


Starting a few CB revisions ago there was an issue report for this concern. I don’t remember if Steinberg said it was fixed or if the fix is still a work in progress. I suppose it works “better” than it was before but, it was never fixed to work right 100% of the time and needs some further fixing.

I’ll search for the associated “BON” but if someone knows about this please respond. Thanks.

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Yes it is annoying. You can also move the now invisible mouse pointer anywhere and click and the pointer will reappear. Of course who knows what you’ll click on.

Exactly… PIA for sure. :wink:

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works good in 6.5

This a known and already reported bug.

I suppose issues associated with notepad bugs are lumped into BON-7310.

Looks like it was locked after the last entry on March 22, 2015. :unamused:

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You can use the esc key instead of clicking the mouse.