mouse improvments

Vertical zoom with the mouse-wheel, please.

More Mouse modifiers (imagine right-click drag = the range tool)

An entirely separate list of key commands for the piano roll or score window would also be helpful. Is that available in Nuendo?

Thank you for this powerful tool.

Good thoughts.

I support ANY changes to mouse control such that it doesn’t require using the keyboard to switch from a tool back to the Select tool. Maddening.

There should be a way to momentarily toggle a Tool on then go back to Select without having to use (3) frickin’ keystrokes.

I really don’t see an issue using keystrokes to swap from split to the select tool, what I did was defined my short cuts so the keys are next to each other (what ever you would be comfortable with). I use “R” for the range tool “Y” for the split tool and “T” for the select tool along with “U” for mute as they are right above “G&H” for zooming in & out. after a week of doing that (about 10 years ago) I ended up lightning fast, and last I checked it would be 2 key strokes… mind you 3 if you count the mouse click :stuck_out_tongue:
I do think if they take a slight protools approach though they could make the mouse change to a split tool when you hover at the bottom of an audio event, you would press “b” if I recall to do that… but this should be an optional setting and of course a configurable shortcut. Honestly the main reason I avoided protools was because I could not customise it.
One thing though that would be good is if you could use the right click of the mouse to assign to the grab hand to move arrange window around. That would be less fiddly than middle mouse button… although the mouse I use is the Microsoft explorer touch,2817,2391347,00.asp

This has great scrolling left right and up and down and of course a proper middle button so I am good for the time being, however the mouse I use is discontinued so hope I will find another touch mouse in the future when this dies on me : / thus why it be cool for right click to do that, I could buy more or less any mouse then but scrolling right in the project would be horrible again as we all know Steinberg seem to like reversing the scroll :confused:

a vertical zoom would be good if you pressed control and shift + scroll maybe?