Mouse inconsistency


I use Wavelab 8.5 on OSX 10.9 and when loading a plugin I have the following problem.
It seems like Wavelab is not able to release the mouse after changing the value of a slider or a button.

Actually, the issue is quite similar to this one (Wavelab 7):

Is there anyone else that has noticed a similar behaviour?
I have also tried to run Wavelab either with the “32-bit mode” (Applications --> Wavelab --> Get Info --> Open in 32-bit mode) checked or unchecked.
However, this change does not seem to solve the issue.

Could anyone give some advice on this?


Maria Kouroussi

I have noticed this problem for sure with iZotope Ozone modules and it’s very bad with Eiosis AirEQ.

I’m sure there are more.

Yes, there are more. I am able to reproduce the issue with other plug-ins also.
Could you give some details of your system?

I’m currently using OS X 10.10.5 but have noticed this issue for some time now. iMac 27" 3.5GHz i7 with 32GB of RAM.

Here’s two videos of the problem with AirEQ:

Eiosis is aware of the problem and can reproduce it but I wonder if something can be done on the WaveLab side since it happens in more than a few plugins.

We are developing accusonus ERA-D plugin using JUCE library.
From JUCE side they think that this is a Wavelab issue.

Here is a video testing ERA-D VST plugin on Wavelab 8.5 OSX 10.9.5.

Yes, your video is very similar to what I’ve seen in other plugins. It’s as if the cursor is still stuck on a previous button/control.

I’ve this issue too with Voxengo Elephant… :frowning:

I wonder if PG can weigh in on whether it’s something to be fixed in WaveLab or if all these plugin developers have made the same mistake in this area.

Does anybody have a video example they can share. I see this intermittently with some (but not all) plugins. I think it’s always with VST3 plugins (VST2 seems ok but it’s VST2 ((old)).

Eiosis AirEQ and iZotope Ozone modules are the main ones in my collection.

It also sometimes happens on my PC. It is like the mouse pointer is stuck and can’t do its “normal” mousing.

I have also noticed that the mouse pointer seems to jump around in WL 8.5.3 like something else is controlling it. I am using a top of the line Kensington wired mouse and no other program exhibits this problem.


Here’s a video I made awhile back showing the issue in Eiosis AirEQ:

I see the problem in a few other plugins but not all. Ozone and Eiosis are the most noticeable for me.

I’ve this issue with Ozone 7 too…

PG, is there an update to correct this? Cause this is very annoyant and sometimes accidentally I’ve change some parameters on plugs because of this…

Confirmed in Ozone 7 on my end. I also notice a GUI flicker in some Ozone 7 modules.

Wavelab is almost unusable for me. Is there a fix?

I have been having this problem for a while. I thought there was something wrong with my mouse. Glad to know it is a more wide spread problem but hoping there is a solution forthcoming.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this with AirEQ on Win 7. Did they try it on Windows?

Not yet… :frowning: