mouse lag during video playback

Hey I noticed that when I play back video, the mouse behaves kind of laggy, always a milli second behind. stop video playback or close the video window and everything is back to normal. anyone else experiencing this? it kind of freaks me out if the mouse reacts so strangely.

Sounds like your computer may be allocating resources sensibly - lots for keeping audio and video playing in synch, not so much for watching the mouse.

This is not an april fools joke, I am serious! None of the videoplayers I have ever used caused slowing down the mouse pointer updating, but C7 does. Yet CPU is not at all busy.
It’s really an awfull working if you feel to drag the mouse behind like a big heavy rock or so.

So this is finally solved, it was caused by the “Mausspur”, I don’t know what this is called in english, mouse track or mouse trace? It’s an option in the mouse’s system settings.