Mouse left/right scroll behaviour.

Hi Folks,

Whilst not a Cubase 10 issue, I do have an issue with my replacement mouse.

My old Microsoft Sculpt Mouse became erratic and finally failed. Went to the shop to purchase a replacement and of course there’s none on the shelves. I purchased a Microsoft Sculpt Comfort mouse. Everything is fine except for horizontal motions, anything to do with left/right on the wheel.

Basically the scroll function is unusable as it is so sensitive. Just tapping the wheel left and right results in the screen moving to the extreme left and right. Using the wheel click and the Alt key, just causes the screen to rapidly flash to different positions and again, unusable.

Anybody else have similar issues and hopefully a solution to get the old behaviour back?


Maybe there a setting in the mouse driver or mouse control panel that will adjust for this behavior?

Regards :sunglasses:

You should be able to adjust this in the Mouse app in Windows Control Pannel.

Thanks, I have visited that section with little if any success in changing its behaviour, however, I will have another look.

I have tried left/right scrolling in Microsoft Word and Notepad++, the scrolling is smooth and not fast.

Thanks Rhino,
Downloaded and installed. Then I played with the settings and unfortunately nothing changed.
Uninstalled it.
Another stone turned. :slight_smile:

Just out of interest, the mouse works perfectly in Dorico. Go figure.

I found an ‘older’ version of the mouse and it works perfectly.
Those ‘clever’ people at Microsoft have changed something.
Thanks to those that offered help.