Mouse & Modifiers & More (Revolutionary stuff)

This is going to be deep.

but the main requests first:

  1. Deeper Modifier Key Customization: LIKE VERY CUSTOMIZABLE. for example i cant make my alt key to temp. “snapping off” on the projects screen
    it only works for editors. Very confusing when u change it because then i have to press different keys for turning of the snapping on different locations. Very confusing. And the next thing here at the modifiers would be ofcourse ZOOMING VERTICALLY fcknhll! Dont even need to explain that.

  2. MOUSE MODIFIERS: If you do this then you basically win the game for me.
    If there was a new section at the preferences called Mouse Handling or something. Where you could select each mouse tool and decide what it does in mix with the modifier keys. That would be a huge addition to cubase. You could combine modifier key section with the mouse… with a good conflict scanner system.

  3. Sampler Tool: LFO modulation . ADSR for the filter/pitch anyone?

  4. C9 docked Mixconsole: Inserts and faders needs to be on the same panel. The Docked version has to big faders. it doesnt need to be the same as the full mixer.

  5. QUICK AUTOMATION BUTTON (FL, STUDIO ONE) everytime you touch a parameter this button will know it and you can make automation lanes etc with it, and more creative stuff.

If you are really wondering why these requests and have some spare time, then read below.
Sorry for my english. Its not the best.

It’s a nice addition what they did on the last versions with changing the mouse handling on the piano roll for instance. You stay on the basic pointer tool and write, change length etc. on the same tool. But how do i erase a note while staying on the pointer tool? We are humans we make mistakes (alot) we sometimes place to much notes by mistake, and that mistake needs to be erased quickly like a reflex. I dont want to go to a different tool. back & forth. You guys tried to fix that. But let me tell you there are always people that will complain when changing stuff. Future Request Section always gonna be full with people. Never ending story. The solution is Customization.

My request is Customization. More like deeper control.

I make music for 17 years now and i dont have any favorite daw.
I use:
Cubase for Vocal Recording/Vari Editing/mixing sometimes
Logic for producing
Studio One for producing/mixing
FL Studio for composing melodies and making drumloops.

You know they all have benefits. For me to get the best out of music i need to go back and forth with these daws. Always been like that. Cubase has always been there from the early years but never was my Main Daw. I wanted it to be but it couldn’t get close to melody composing for example like FL Studio. So i still only use it for recording the vocals and editing it.

The pianoroll on FL is like the smartest pianoroll ever. Their pointertool does everything zooming erasing writing. everything. But yeah, no deep customization (they dont need it actually their shortcuts are supersmart), and i dont like arranging a song on a pattern based daw.

Studio One’s tried to be a better Cubase by doing things steinberg didn’t. (and yeah i the know the history) but without the middle mouse surfing on the project screen is a no for me. Just because of that on Studio One its like im playing Call of Duty with the left hand (asdw) my pink is always resting on the CTRL. ring on the SHIFT.middle on the 1234 keys for changing my pointer tool to :wink: whatever. thumb on space. Cubase same story. a little less because of the middle mouse button. So can you imagine how messed up my hand feels after a long day of work? For how many years now ? FL Fixed this loooooooooooong time ago. But im not saying copy FL. There are people that dont like FL. And like Call of Duty… So again. Customization is solution. Give us the OPTION to change something.

Logic: Working with this sometimes just because it has good stock plugins. But the main reason is, it remembers the length and velocity etc. from the last note you wrote in the piano roll. (LIKE FL) So the next note you write will be the same length and velocity of the last. That is a must for quick composing. But again im not saying cubase to CHANGE to that. But give us the option at the preferences or a button on top of the pianoroll with a BRAIN logo or something so it remembers the last note, so the next note you write will be the same as the last. Everybody Happy!

With every update for any of those software my attention only goes to: how custimizable is it now? Because maybe i want a feature that some other guy will hate on it. So instead of giving us a “t-shirt with a cubase logo on it, give us a steinberg closet” so we decide what to wear".

I hope you guys at cubase make these changes. So i can finally put all the other daws away. I think i wont be the only one if you make presets at the modifiers section. (Presonus made good use of that at the beginning, like HEY we got cubase pro tools presets for ya, but it in the end it was not fully customizable, and i was playing call of duty again.)

And PS. i bought 8.5 update from C6 in july paid 250 or so. recorded vocals twice now i have to pay 100 for c9 update.
Its just not fair.

350 for updating a program where i record vocals… comon…(if these request where in it then that would be a different story, but its not even my main daw…im only using it for vocals because of those missing things. So make it my main daw.

(dont tell me to use reaper, i need vari audio)



and I miss there are no tool modifiers for Draw or Line tool.

Instead of shifting tools, it’s nice to just press a few keys.

There could be many options unassigned as modifiers, so you can choose which ones to use.
If you want Alt to jump between two any behaviors would be very useful.

Reaper has hiddeous amount of options for this, even mouse wheel.