Mouse not working inside cubase

It started two days ago. I can’t click anything inside cubase but scroll wheel works & i checked with other two mouse same things happens only happens inside cubase. I can click on top left function like file, edit, audio, devicees. For example i can click devices & go to vst instruments but can’t click anything inside it, , keyboard works fine. I checked it with 8.5 & 8 same thing happens. Then i opened cubase in safe mode disabling preferences that didn’t work too. What should I do?

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What are your computer specifications? Have you installed the latest drivers for your GPU? Have your restarted your computer since you began having this problem?

Yes, i have been restarting & checking for last two days, no i haven’t installed latest drivers, specs are good

Anyone else had this problem

I found that my gpu drivers are up to date, what should I do?

This is a strange issue, I don’t think I’ve heard of this happening to anyone else before.

You should probably contact Steinberg Support, but here’s some things you can try (one at a time, close Cubase first):

-Make sure that Windows’ DPI scaling is set to 100%
-Disconnect all USB devices besides the mouse and USB-eLicenser
-Try connecting your mouse to different ports
-If you have a USB hub, try connecting your mouse to it. If it’s already connected to a hub, try connecting it directly to your computer.

It is working now the problem was dell laptop keyboard, i removed it from the laptop, everything is alright now, thanks for the support.

Very interesting. I’ll have to try those troubleshooting tips a little later. Been having the same issue along with certain keys getting stuck like alt, etc… I’m thinking it might be an external USB device like my mouse.

If keys are getting stuck then its a keyboard problem. Remove the keyboard and try

I use a gaming mouse with those functions on some of the side buttons. That’s why i think it might be the culprit, but def worth checking the keyboard as well

I hav the same problem in nuendo

Set the screen resolution to 1366 x 768

press alt+mouse left click on the new project screen after installation.
if not working try
ctrl+left click
shift+left click…