Mouse-pad scroll velocity Editor

Hello I’m using Cubase a lot on the way and so on my laptop. And I’m happy that it’s possible to scroll with the mousepad but
Is there a way to reduce the sensitivity or velocity of it? It’s much too fast for my taste! =)


Yes, hold down Shift button while scrolling to get higher precision.

Sorry for my laptop this isn’t working. Maybe I have to precise my expression.

For scrolling I use two finger on my track-pad. The speed is much to fast. I just turn the fingers and I’m already in the next frame. If I press the Shift or not doesn’t has any effect.


Oh, I’m sorry, I misunderstood your question. The trick I described works, if you change a parameter value (fader, knob) by using scroll-wheel. Then while holding Shift modifier, the settings is finer.

For your case, unfortunately there is no settings in Cubase.

Yes I understand. Is there a trick to change something in the registry?

I wonder in general how the move of a two finger touch is interpreted by cubase. Is it frames? Lines? Would be great to change to a certain amount of pixel f.e.

I tryied many things in the win10 reg to change touch pad scrolling speed. Nothing worked. Seems so cubase has it’s own interpretation of touch pad behavior.

Also mentioned that scrolling speed in key shortcut menu is very fast. In general moovements of the pad is very fast.

Is there no one working cubase on laptop? using the pad instead of mouse?