Mouse pointer disappears over Cubase real estate

This issue may be related to Peculiar Mouse pointer behaviour when using Notepad - Cubase - Steinberg Forums , but mine is more general. Every once in a while (about once every 4 sessions) my mouse pointer disappears. I can see Cubase still knows where it is b/c if I happen to hover over (say) the Exit button it colors red. But I have no way of knowing where I am. I have to close Cubase and start again

Cubase 10.5.20
Windows 10 Pro
Intel I7

Is this related to using the notepad in the track inspector in project window?

No, it really happens Cubase-wide. The mouse pointer disappears and all I can do is close Cubase using keyboard shortcurts.

I thought it was just me… this is happening especially after the latest C10.5 update.

This is also happening to me on Cubase Element 12.0.10, Windows 11. Mouse setting mode : Inverted.

The mouse disappears in the extended monitor. Frustrating… With the dark background in Cusbase window, the mouse is supposed to turn white but it does not.

Have to change mouse pointer mode to normal just to work with CuBase.

So I’m not the only having this problem but I can’t find any recent discussion. I’m using Cubase 12.0.70 and every once in a while the mouse point turns invisible over any and all of the Cubase windows. The mouse still works. I can click on GUI elements but I can’t see where the mouse pointer is. If I move the pointer off of Cubase the pointer appears and works normally over the desktop and other application windows. Restarting Cubase is the only fix I’ve been able to find. Is there any more info on this problem? Any work around? It happens often enough (perhaps once a week) that its very frustrating.

Same thing for me. Cubase 12.0.7. Doesn’t happen often but really frustrating when it happens in the middle of a session and the only fix is to close and reopen the project file.

That just happened to me on Cubase Pro 13