Mouse pointer not showing correct tool on dual monitor setup

Ok I’m starting a new thread for this as I no longer think the previous thread I added to was the same problem…

Using Cubase 6.5.4 on a macbook pro retina

Cubase has to display in low resolution to work on a macbook pro retina… which I’m doing, I’m not sure if this is part of the issue but I thought it might be worth a mention.

I’m connecting an extra larger standard monitor to my macbook…

The problem I’m having is that when using the added monitor the mouse pointer isn’t showing the correct tool.

When I select a new tool, the arrow changes into the tool selected but then when I move the mouse it changes back to the arrow. At the top of the screen it shows which tool is selected in the tool bar but not on the cursor.

If I move the arrangement window to the macbook screen the correct cursor will display. If I move it back then I’m having the same problem… It seemed to fix itself once when I closed some of the windows and moved them to the macbook screen and then back again, the problem came back again though when I opened a drum editor, now I’m having trouble fixing it again…

It’s is getting really frustrating working with it and is totally slowing down my creativity… I’m actually considering moving over to Logic… :unamused:

Can anyone help me with this issue? :question:

Just found if I close all of the other windows open on that screen and just leave the arrangement then it fixes the problem.