Mouse pointer position off in Mixer


Some weird behaviour just recently started in my Cubase:
When in mixer-view and when clicking on one of the three buttons of an Insert:
The mouse pointer seems off, so for example if I click the middle “e” to edit the effect, I have to relally click the left side of the e with the mouse pointer tip, otherwise the button to the right will be activated.
I have Hi DPI mode on on a 3840x1440 Display, Text Scaling enabled.

However, this issue seems new, did no experience it half a year ago.

Anyone has a similar issue or a hint what could cause this?

Thanks alot, Pete


This is a known issue and it’s caused by the latest Windows 10 update.

It’s related to this one.

Hi Martin,

thanks for pointing out, I even came across this thread after writing mine, seeing that also the mouse position issue is mentioned in between.
Seems like 4 months have passed without a fix, which is a shame for a professional software (again by Steinberg).



I have to say, I’m probably the only one, who says, it might be not on Steinberg’s side but it might be on Microsoft’s side. Especially when it appeared on at Cubase versions from the day of Windows update. So it’s totally clear, Microsoft changed something, what was working before. So is it really on Steinberg side? I’m not convinced.

If plug-in fails after Cubase update, then it’s Cubase fault. If Cubase fails after Windows update, it’s again Cubase fault. I don’t understand the logic here.

Sorry, just my personal opinion.

Having things designed or coded badly sure leads to if MS changes something, then it does not work anymore. Maybe it was necessary to do so, maybe it was bad design or code. However, other applications do not suffer (so much from such occurrences). Bad luck one could say (again).
However, this is always the case, steinberg arguing we did nothing. As a user, i dont want to be involved in such pinpointing.

Anyway, what is definitely on the end of steinberg and thats what I am critizing: not providing a fix within 4 months is a shame. Also considering that steinberg is a large sw company having all the needed info and channels on receiving such changes before others.
It should have been identified upfront the update release already and been fixed with the update release. 4 months, come on! They have done a real mess if they are not able to fix within this time. Or they are lazy, which i do not like as a pro paying customer.



So from this perspective, if the plug-in fails after Cubase update, the plug-in’s code is written badly and Cubase is not faulty, as the users say, right? Sorry, just still don’t understand this paradox, Steinberg is always faulty.

On one hand, I do understand, as a user, you don’t care. Ot, as a user, you can get the latest information, whatever information it is.

In the other thread, it has been announced, the fix is going to arrive with the upcoming Cubase update. Myself, I’m asking, if it’s a fix, or if it’s a workaround for the Microsoft’s change. We don’t know.

In any case, Microsoft didn’t take the chance to fix it. Steinberg obviously did.