Mouse Scroll Wheel Performance Issues

I have a Logitech M570 wireless mouse.

The scroll wheel of the mouse often tops working in the Project Window. However, if I open up a Drum Editor it will work there and then works again in the Project Window until it stops working again. Can anybody explain what triggers the trackball from not working, and then working in the editor and then reworking in the Project Editor? I want to be able to fix this Project Editor drop out.

Thanks Cubase!

Not got a solution, but a similar problem. As well as the scroll wheel, using g or h keys to zoom also fails.

My workaround was to open another project, activate it and then close and it all worked again.

Just opening the drum editor might be simpler.

Thanks for your reply

Anybody from Steinberg noticing?

Guys (Steinberg), I can’t believe this hasn’t been fixed in nearly a year - it’s an absolute productivity killer :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

It’s making me regret my upgrade - can this be addressed in the next update - im sure it’s a quick fix.

Just upgraded from 7.5 to 8.5 and noticed this RIGHT AWAY! Can no longer reliably use the mouse scroll ball (on an Apple mouse - wired version) to navigate through the mixer sections. Have to go and actually click-hold-drag that tiny scroll bar for the racks window (sends, inserts, etc). :imp:

Is this really the way it is now??

i also have this problem since i updated to Cubase 8.5… but specially in plugins, like Fabfilter ProQ2!
The mouse wheel is ‘jumping’ and smooth scrolling is not really working

thats a big performance killer :frowning: