Mouse wheel fader volume control gone?

I used to be able to do incremental volume changes using my mouse wheel on a fader.
This no longer works. What’s up with that?

Don’t know. Works fine here with Logitech M705.

Maybe update your mouse software?

Or maybe I am misunderstanding the question?

There is a tick box under Preferences> Editing> Audio. “Use mouse wheel for event volume and fades”

Mine was not ticked by default when I first ran Cubase 8

That’s a different thing.

At Jimmy, No you understood the question. But why would I have to re-install a mouse driver. Seems crazy.
At Lukas, ima have to check that out.

Now it’s working…
Seriously, I’ve never had so many issues with Cubase/Nuendo…
I hate mixing right now

I hit F3, fader handles dont move with mouse wheel.
I click another workspace, I can know move fader with mouse wheel.

It seems this is concurrent with a number of focus issues in C8 (see the Issues section).