Mouse wheel still controls fader in Cubase mixer!

Mouse wheel still controls fader movement in Cubase mixer in Cubase 11! After 111 requests!

That would be disappointing. Maybe there’s preference for that?

Not that I’ve seen…

yes… one function survived from C10

I like it… still use it all the time in Nuendo and C10.5

Fine if you like it, just make it a preference…

I guess it’s time to start another thread with hundreds of people complaining about it.

Or not. Universally reporting this as a serious problem doesn’t seem to work.

So, you’ve never setup the perfect mix and inadvertently scrolled over a fader and have no idea where it was?

no… not really
of course I changed something by accident in the past,
but it was never that unique that I can’t repeat it

You’re lucky!

Hi, you can try this free app

simply if you hold down CONTROL the mouse wheel will not work, when you release it, yes …