Mouse wheel stops working for navigation Artist 8.5

Using Ctrl or Shift + mouse wheel to move around the project window has stopped working. I can’t scroll right/left or up/down…sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I have seen at least 3 separate posts on the forum regarding this bug.

I did re-name some projects after recording some audio–could that be the problem? Doesn’t seem like it would be.

Workflow is seriously disrupted because I have to quit and restart the application–and sometimes that doesn’t fix it.

Cubase Artist 8.5 / Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit / 8 GB RAM / Logitech M570 roller mouse with wheel

I updated to 8.5 yesterday, and encountered this issue on a hefty session late last night. It had been a long session, so I just figured maybe it needed a rest/reboot.

Fired the session back up today and the problem is still there. Middle-mouse hold works for drag navigation, but mouse wheel will not scroll in any direction.

However. When I first noticed it again, I came here and found this post. When I went back to my session, mouse wheel was functioning normal again. Odd. I’ve since replicated it four times, and discovered that simply clicking away from Cubase and coming back restores mouse wheel functionality. Originally I went to Chrome & back, but just clicking the task bar and then back to Cubase seems to fix the problem for me.

I’m pretty much same spec as you. 8.5 / Win7 x64 / 8GB / Logitech G400. I’ve encountered similar issues with Pro Tools 11. I have some mouse macros setup with the logitech software, and occasionally I’ll have to click away from the DAW for them to work again (mouse wheel was never affected tho). I never encountered any issues with Cubase 6.5, so I just assumed it was a Pro Tools thing.

At this point, I’m wondering if perhaps it’s a Logitech issue, and not a Cubase one. I’ve tested with Logitech macros/software disabled, but the problem persists.

In any case, clicking taskbar and back to session is a quick and easy fix for now. Hopefully this works for you too!

Microsoft mouse here and still not working - this is a total productivity killer when trying to speed through editing - very disappointed. Can we get a response from Steinberg?