Moutain Lion?

Anyone dare to do it yet? Im very tempted! Gate Keeper is very interesting but doesn’t really go far enough to stop pirate copies

hi , i have upgraded to 10.8 and so far found no problems with cubase 6.5 i have loaded some projects without any problems so far ,the only thing for me is novation automap is missing some plugins in cubase ,i have tried deleting the pref files ,but there still not showing up.



OS 10.7 and up are a JOKE. I made the mistake of buying Lion already, I wouldnt touch Mountain Lion with YOUR computer…

Theyre designing their new OS for dummies/spying. Its OBVIOUS. Gatekeeper is a joke.

first 10.8 is much better than 10.7 in a lot of ways .
and gate keeper can be turned off
im finding my programs seem to be more snapper than in 10.6 .
day one and my systems seems ok so far
one more thing apple spying .well i use little snitch



Aloha S,
from reading your sig, I see that your MB is now running 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
and you said:

I made the mistake of buying Lion

So did you install 10.7 and then roll back to 10.6?

I use the same machine (4,1) which is one of the models that will
not be able to run 10.8.

I am interested because I am on that fence right now with my iMac.

‘Clowns to the left of me’ (10.6)
‘Jokers to the right’ (10.8)
and I am ‘Stuck in the Middle’ with 10.7.


I made an image/clone of 10.6 using Disk Utility before “upgrading” (fresh install) to 10.7. After using it for a few months, I realized it wasnt worth the battery drain and performance loss, so I reformatted the drive, and then “restored” it back to 10.6.

Immediately after doing so, it was like night and day. MUCH faster! I got disk space back and it no longer drained the battery like 10.7 did. 10.7 killed it in only half the time! It doesnt get as hot either, now that Im back on 10.6. Theres no question which OS is better, imo.

Mountain Lion may run better than Lion, as I believe its a polished version of it, like Snow Leo was to Leopard. Still, Lion was azz and didnt offer much to users like me. Mountain Lion’s “new features” make me sigh in disgust. Its all about Facebooks and Twitters and dumb ish like that. Real stupid ish, like auto copying of links!? and notifications. Built for the lazy, imo. Cloud EVERYTHING too. Cloud is nice, for sharing. I wouldnt trust it with my pc data though! ONLY encrypted data specifically to be shared (music projects or whatever) and deleted immediately. I use Dropbox for that.

Little Snitch is great! :slight_smile: But I meant spying from the US Gov. With every new OS released, the easier it is to be violated. Ive got nothing to hide, but Im all about my privacy. Their false flags are enabling/justifying their unlawful snooping. Knotsea Germany with todays Technology is PHUCKING SCARY!!..!, but I digress.

Hmmm… And I read on the Apple site that my MacBook (4,1)
2.4Mz/4GB ram would not run ML.

But now that I see you got it to work, I’ll give it a try.

Yeah, it was real easy. I shrunk the partition down as much as I could too, by backing up/deleting all unwanted files (obviously), then using Disk Utility. My clone is only a few gigs! :laughing: :slight_smile: I could put it on a Flash Drive! Though I dont think Id want to.

10.7 can clone in Time Machine, Im pretty sure, if youre thinking about backing that up before going to 10.6. I recommend shrinking the partition before hand. Its so nice saving all the space!

Not being able to run 10.8, does not concern me in the slightest. Just means our Macbooks will no longer be supported in the near future. Seeing where Apple is going, im not sure I want to use anything beyond 10.6 anyway. :wink: If I get a new/newer MacBook Pro/Mac Pro, Im going to make SURE I can run 10.6 on it. They claim you cant on the new MBP, but I read you can, if you use another Mac and Target Mode to inject the drivers needed…


Bet you all forgot me :wink:

Just popped in to say I have mountain lion running on a brand new quad core i7 MBP, and it is snappier than lion for sure.

Gatekeeper is no hastle at all, it’s 3 clicks of the mouse away from being disabled, and makes a lot of sense for Joe. Q. Dummy

The nice thing about OSX is despite the bells and whistles there is still a proper server grade unix build lurking under it all.

Bye - Back again in another 6 months.