Movable text?

Pardon me for asking what might sound like a dumb question because I am just learning Dorico, but I am having trouble placing text where I want it. I am using default text (want to put just a word describing the way a note is to be performed right below a bass note, but it keeps going on top of the staff above the tenor note). I know you can move things right and left with Alt and arrows, and you can move the baseline, but adjusting baseline is not working. Is there some kind of just random text (WITHOUT ATTACHING TO ANYTHING that would prevent moving it where I want it) that you can just move around with the mouse just exactly where you want it? I have looked in the manual but can’t find anything. THANKS MUCH! LCR

I think the best solution in your case would be to use Shift-X, as you’re doing. Then with the text item selected and turned orange, press F to move it below the staff.

Shift-X text goes above the staff by default. Once you’ve placed it up above the staff, with it still selected, type F to flip it below the staff.

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Thanks, guys - much appreciated! Am I correct in thinking that in Dorico there is no way to move “plain text” with the mouse anywhere you want it like you can in Sibelius?

In Sibelius, when you drag text around with the mouse the attachment point can behave unpredictably: you can end up with a situation where a piece of text is attached to one instrument but is physically closer to the stave of another instrument.
This means that text (and dynamics) can end up looking fine in the score, but actually appear in the wrong people’s parts! To be fair to Sibelius, there’s a modifier key that you can hold to prevent Sibelius from changing the attachment point, but many users don’t seem to be aware of it.

Dorico avoids this problem by keeping attachment points and visual position separate, and handling them in separate modes. The attachment point is the rhythmic position on a specific stave, and the visual position (or offset) is a pair of offsets (X and Y) relative to the default rhythmic position.

In Write mode, if you drag text (or dynamics, or tempi etc.) around, you are changing the attachment point. Get your item lined up to the correct note/beat/rest in Write mode. If Dorico’s default positioning of the item isn’t quite to your liking, (assuming you have Dorico Pro) you can switch to Engrave mode and drag the item wherever you like. Again, the dragging you do in Engrave mode only affects the visual position, not the attachment point.

Assuming you have Dorico Pro still, there are some options in Engrave>Engraving Options>Text that determine the default positions of text items - including their distance from the staff/other objects and whether they automatically avoid collisions (and therefore contribute to vertical spacing calculations) or not. For moving individual items on their own, the relevant page in the manual is here.

Thanks pianoleo! I have worked in Sibelius for many years (but now am transitioning to Dorico Pro) and never knew about the modifier key! I am fully aware of the freedom to move text, but as you said, it comes with a price when you make parts!! Could you kindly share what that modifier key is? THANK YOU! Lillie, I tried the “moving text objects graphically” and it worked! This is awesome! Thank you both for your help.

It’s Option on Mac (so presumably Alt on Windows).

Thanks much!