Move a bar backwards into the previous page

How to do this? I know how to add system breaks, but this case has what I would term an auto system break and I can’t see anything to delete. I have 3 bars per stave set, with many manual system breaks as well, and I am afraid if I turn of this setting I will lose lot of work.

Dear Andro,
select the last system break you don’t want to move (before the one you want to move) and check its properties. If “wait for next system break” is checked, then perfect. In Write mode, select the system break you want to move, set the rhythmic grid to match your time signature and “move” (alt-ctrl/cmd-right arrow) it so that the next bar is inside those two breaks.
Very much easier to do than to explain, I hope it’s clear!

You can also do make into system (which works by adding a system break at the start and another at the end of your selections, and setting the first break to “wait for next system”).

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