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Dorico 4 - Windows 10

Hi, a little problem, from Typography if I want to move a singing line vertically, I can’t do it.
Only the horizontal one works.
I can only move it with the mouse.
See video.
Thank you

Use the key commands Alt+up/down arrow to move lyrics vertically in Engrave mode.

Have you also set the lyric line correctly, e.g. above the staff and the appropriate line number? To minimise the amount of vertical adjustments you need to do.

Thanks for your answer.

I have moved the distance of the singing manually, because if I use the function keys above / below, it is positioned at the same height of the previous system and not near the line of the singing of the choir tenor.
The problem is that if I create another layout, the song moves up again and I have to constantly reposition it.
Probably because vertical positioning is not defined (as is the case for horizontal positioning).

Thanks for your answer.

I was hoping that it would be postesse to determine precisely by setting numerical values, so as to duplicate it for other layauts as well.

I’m afraid there is no direct access to the vertical offset of lyrics via the Properties panel, sorry.

Hi there,

just to double check because my problem might be somehow related to this discussion:
I am aware of the possibility to change lyrics with alt - arrow up/down, but the lower staff doesn´t change it´s distance to the upper one.
There is no way to define the vertical position of lyric lines - in my case of different verses?
As you can see in te pdf attached, I would love to have first and second verse at the same distance to the staff…

lyric line problem.pdf (28.8 KB)

Schift - Cmd - E

thanks times007 for your suggestion.
However, I am afraid, this is not the solution to my problem.
In your example we talk about the distance of a 2nd verse or e.g. an translation of the original text (that´s why it´s italic) to the upper lyric line.
What I was looking for is a possibility to make the distance of the 2nd verse to the staff or notes the same as the distance of the 1st verse to the staff or notes.
I found a work around now but in case anybody knows, I would be still interested.

If I wanted stanza 2 to be at the same distance from the staff as stanza 1, I would type the stanza number in manually and leave everything in the First-Verse category. The verses option in Dorico is really designed more for folks who write in hymn format rather than those who want to thorough write for multiple stanzas (verses) and just add stanza numbers for clarity.

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