Move all tracks to the Left?

Hi, I have some audio tracks that start a few seconds into the clips. I want to make them start at 0 on the timeline. The only way I know is to snip all tracks at the first beat of measure 1, and select all, and manually drag left to 0.
I fear I may leave behind some clips.
So, is it possible to ‘move everything left’ by selecting the section I want to delete (on the timeline), and then everything move left?

Thanks for any help.


You can use “Select All” function to make sure, all is selected. If it’s a question of one track only, you can hold down Shift modifier, and double click to the very 1st event. Then the 1st event is select and all following events of the track too.

If it’s on global level, you can set the Left and Right Locators (the part you want to delete/Remove) and use Delete Time function.

Btw, it’s not recommended to start the project at the very beginning. Mostly it’s recommended to keep 2 bars empty.