Move audio files

Cubase 6 Elements

I have created and recorded stuff on a new project but the audio files are saved in a different directory.

The project file is in c:\project but the audio files are in c:\cubase projects\untitled-1

Is it possible to move the audio directory to the c:\project directory?

Ok. Thanks


You mean how to move a folder…? Drag and drop…!?

Then open the project, and redirect Cubase to the new folder - save - done.

Or you use “backup poroject”, which does not move the folderv though, but copy it…

Then look a little bit more thorough at the project assistant, and switch Cubase to save to custom folder.
Learn about “preparee archive” and all the rest about Cubase file handling.

If I move the directory with the audio files to c:\project cubase won’t find the audio files.
How do I redirect the project to a new directory?

You look at the “resolve missing files” pop up thoroughly, read the options, then redirect.