Move Automation Selection by db? Or link channels?

I’m wondering how I can take this automation and do a ‘move vertical’ so the automation all goes down, and do it by a specific db. Say move vertical down by 5db. The reason for doing this is that I want to adjust the automation on the channel above by the same exact amount. OR, is there a way to link these channels so when I do the ‘move vertical’ it does it on both channels simultaneously?

The only ‘group’ type edit option I can find is by checking the ‘group editing’ button on a folder, however that doesn’t seem to work in this scenario.

I want to keep the same relation for both channels.

I found a working solution.

Use the ‘object selection tool’ and select all the automation points on the first track.
In the info line, it will display the value of the first automation point.
Adjust that value and the rest of the points selected will be adjusted accordingly.
Now do the same on the track above.
Bingo Bango.

I found an even better solution…, with a small feature request below.

Use the ‘object selection tool’ and select all the automation points on both tracks.
Open the PLE and make these settings:

Filter Target Section
Container Type is - Equal - Event
Property - Property is Set - Event is selected

Action Target Section
Trim - Multiply by - ‘what ever value you want’, in my case it was 0.99 and then clicked ‘apply’ a few times.

… here’s a small feature request. In the project logical editor, we can ‘trim’ the values by dividing or multiplying. It would be SUPER nice if we could also have the option to ‘add’ or ‘subtract’. That way we could build presets to say… lower all selected automation by 3db.


Change the value in the Info View of the project.

Or use VCA Fader.

Or don’t use VCA faders at all unless you’re aware of how broken they are.

Thanks for the replies. I should have mentioned this was for adjusting ‘send’ automation on checkerboarded dialogue, so VCA wouldn’t do the job…, at least for the way I prefer to work.

The PLE solution worked wonderfully.

What was originally throwing me off, is that when you select a range of automation using the ‘range’ tool, you don’t get the readout on the info panel showing the automation value. That value is only displayed if you select the automation with the ‘object selection tool’.

Great! Just what I thought about!