Move automation with tracks?

I’ve looked in the manual and Googled but still can’t find an answer to this…

I’ve been working on a project and now find that I need to add a section to the beginning.
It’s simple enough to select all the tracks and drag them. Unfortunately, I have a fair bit of automation in VST instruments which doesn’t seem to move with the tracks.
I know that I can select the individual automation and move, but this is a very laborious process.
Is there a way to move VST instrument tracks and automation in one fell swoop?


Hi, KevetS.
If you are trying to move events on tracks, try checking “Automation follows events”
in “Preferences” =>“Editing”

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Thanks el-russo,

This is weird - I had a look as you suggested, but ‘Automation follows events’ was already checked. However, I unchecked it and had a play to see how it effected the movement of automation, but when I checked it again automation movement behaved as expected ie. all automation moved. So by unchecking and then checking, the problem has been solved. :confused:

Thanks again

Select the area that you wish to copy with locators, then go to Edit menu>Range>“Global Copy”. Then set your cursor to where you wish to insert that section, and do Edit menu>Range>“Paste Time”. …i should think automation will follow, oh! just noticed your sorted .

You could also use the arranger track and then flatten it. I find this good for auditioning changes in arrangement especially to make sure I don’t stuff it all up or forget to copy something.


I had this same problem with Autosave. Lost hours and hours of work, because Ive trusted the “feature”. Once I realized my projects werent being autosaved every 5-10 minutes, I unchecked the feature, then rechecked it. Sure shyt, had .bak files after that. GRRrr

Since then, I unchecked autosave and manually save my progress. Maybe it was an update or something, that caused it to stop backing up, but thats not acceptable. If the damn box is checked, it should check the damn box! :imp: :wink:


do groub ctrl+u to all track and event,including tempo track and other.signature track feels canot move even we do groub so, but try, groub it first, and move it.after that ungroub and continue editing (ctrl+u for un groub)

i do have same problem,doing a big project now under 500 track with more than 50 VST instrument, will be trouble if we cant move it. , (ZHANG)