move clef horizontal position

Hi all,
It seems that clefs changes stick to a particular metric position, and can’t be moved or nudged horizontally? For single line instruments, this is generally OK, but in piano writing, they sometimes need to be nudged.

In the first screen shot, entering the clef changes a beat to the right misses the first note that needs to be in that clef. I’d like to slide it slightly to the right.

In the second screen shot, I’d like the two bass clefs that happen at the same time to be aligned. Seems to be no easy way to do this.

Will this be possible in an update? Or am I missing something now?
Screen Shot1.png
Screen Shot2.png

You can do this by adjusting the note spacing in Engrave mode.

The attachment shows a mock-up of example 2 after nudging the clef on the top staff.

In example 1 I’m not sure where you attached the clefs to. You might need to create a quintuplet on both staves to get the clefs attached to the correct rhythmic point, and then delete it after creating the clef.

See the Release Notes for V1.1 for a user’s guide.

Thanks Rob! It didn’t matter which beats the clefs were attached to, because when I found the one, it also brings up a “move individually outside of the grid” box on the clef, and it can be moved anywhere.

One odd behavior: in one spot, moving the clef also moved a trill sign, not the whole thing, but just the bit that extended onto a new page; and not in the same measure I was adjusting, but a measure 3-4 bars later. The trill sign moving up grossly distorted the staff layout, forcing massive extra space. But after fixing the clef, I was able to drag the trill back into place and all is well.

I didn’t really understand what you meant by “entering the clef changes a beat to the right misses the first note that needs to be in that clef,” but it seemed to mean that if you moved a clef to the other side of a note, it might not affect that note…

And a quick attempt to reproduce your example 1 screen shot didn’t work for me, because the clefs were aligned anyway.

Still, if you have got what you want, don’t bother to explain!