Move clip to another track shortcut

WLPro 10.0.40

I may be missing something obvious but I want a quick way to move a selected clip to the top track of a montage, or one track up/down will also work. I can’t find any such command in shortcuts.

There is no shortcut, but you can do this from the Clip list (track columns), or by moving the clip while pressing Shift.

A “Move clip up” “Move Clip down” would be welcome.

Indeed, as well as an “auto-restagger” for clips.

I got curious about that " auto-restagger" ?

When I set up a normal album, I stagger the clips alternating between two audio montage tracks. However, if the client decides to change the song order, usually the clips are not perfectly staggered anymore and you might find that you have song 1 on track 1, song two on track 2, and now song 3 is on track 2 and song 4 is back on track 1.

It would be nice to have way to re-stagger the clips again if the order of the clips for an EP or album has been modified later in the process.

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Makes sense.
I´m new to Wavelab , there are many things to discover.
I have my workflow for now, didn´t face that problem yet.
I believe i saw some of your videos. Great work. really helpful .

A shortcut to move clips up and down would also be great!

Coming from reaper where that is possible i find it useful even for Cubase, that i recently purchased too. eheh!

Thanks for the response. I modified my workflow to find another way to do what I was doing which was comping together the best bits from two corrupted files, one a wave and the other an mp3 copy of the same file. I needed to find a less mouse intensive way for the sake of my shoulder.