move clips between tracks

I often have to move clips from one track to the same position on the track below or above. While this works ok with the mouse plus holding “shift” I would love to be able to assign a keyboard command like e.g. “shift”+“arrow down” to move a clip to the same position on the track below. Maybe the kicker function could be extended to be able to shift clips between different tracks and make it possible to assign keyboard commands for these kicker functions?

I note this idea for a future version.

I still miss the CoolEdit function of “lock in time”, which allows clips to be modified in other respects including shifting between tracks, but not moved along the time axis (nor changed in length, I think).


@paul: good idea too, noted.


YES! +1
Lock in time is a feature I would appreciate. On a clip basis.
Also include a way to over ride this feature when you wish to move multiple clips in time.