Move edit point between overlapping audio regions after crossfading

This is driving me crazy. After crossfading two overlapping regions, I want to adjust the edit point between the two regions. However, when I try to drag the edge of the region, it just increases/decreases the length of my crossfade, rather than just MOVING the crossfade to a new edit point. Surely I must be missing something?

ProTools lets you just move the edit point between two crossfaded audio files. How do I do this in Cubase?



Does the Crossfade editor (double-click to the crossfade, to open it) help?

I want to move the edit point, not adjust or change the crossfade


Sorry, I’m not sure I understand, what exactly do you mean by the “edit point”?

Edit point is the place where one audio region ends and the next one begins.


I’m sorry, I don’t know Pro Tools and its terminology. But the two events are overlapping. So there is no one point where the audio events ends and the other starts. There is the overlapping area…

OK Martin, but the audio region that is “underneath” is not being heard. So the point at which you stop hearing one audio region and start hearing the next one is what I’m referring to as an “edit point.”

Hopefully this video will help explain my question better.


OK, if I understand you right, you want to move the End of the 1st event and the Start of the 2nd event at once by the same value, right?

Unfortunately this is not possible, if the events are overlapping already. If they would be just one next to each other, you can move the Split point (the dedicated mouse pointer would show, if you would hover over the Split). But this doesn’t work if the Audio Events are overlapping.

Ok, so how do you recommend adjusting edits like the one I described? I am frequently comping takes together, and then adjusting the edit points. Is there a better way to do this?


Myself, I don’t do this kind of editing. Nuendo guys would probably know better.

I would probably make a Macro and assign a Key Command:

  • Project Logical Editor: Change Length of Selected Event by -1 Frame
  • Navigate > Right
  • Project Logical Editor: Nudge Selected Event by -1 Frame
  • Project Logical Editor: Change Length of Selected Event by +1 Frame
  • Navigate > Left